U-M Service Award Video Upload

Congratulations on your milestone work anniversary with the University of Michigan. To help us celebrate our special honorees for this year’s U-M Service Award celebration, we ask that you provide a short video telling us about you and your experience here at the University! Your video will be used as part of the virtual event presentation.

Video Suggestions

  • Videos should be 45 seconds to 1 minute in length

  • Start with sharing your name, department and years of service

  • Choose one or more of these questions to answer:

      1. What is one of your fondest memories of working at the University of Michigan?

      2. Why have you decided to spend XX years of your career at U-M?

      3. What advice would you give employees who are navigating their career here?

Capturing & Sharing Your Video

    • We recommend using a recent model of an iPhone or Android mobile phone to capture the video

    • As an alternative, the web camera on a laptop can be used with Zoom

    • Choose a well-lit location

    • Choose a location without background noise

    • Record until you are satisfied with you video, then send us your best version

    • If you would like help recording your video Please Schedule A Time Here

Don’t know how to record yourself? Let us help! Click on Please Schedule A Time Here to find a time to meet and record with us. We will host several time slots to record your video via Zoom.

The finished video should be simple, sincere, and short. Thank you for helping us celebrate staff who make an impact at the University of Michigan and beyond.

Upload Your Video

  • Before you upload your video, please save the file with your first and last name and years of service. Ex., “Joe Brown 20.mp4”

  • After you have a recording that you like Please Upload Your Video Here or use the button below !




    • Read the lightning section of Smartphone Video Guide

    • Choose a well-lit location, consider setting up by a window or using a task light

What Should You Wear

    • Wear something nice, consider a dark suit/tie for the gentlemen and dark suit/top for ladies

How To Record

Thanks For All This Info, But I Want Help Recording My Video!