Self Serve Portraits



What Should You Wear

    • Wear a dark suit/tie for the gentlemen and dark suit/top for the ladies unless otherwise instructed to wear your white coat by your department

    • White Coat? take a look at what others are wearing in your department if everyone is wearing their white coat go ahead and do the same. White coats are hard to photograph, often they are dirty & wrinkled and the white of the coat makes it hard for the camera to deal with skin tones consistently

Taking the Portrait

    • Take Screen Shots until you get one that you like

      • If you don't know how to take a screenshot on your device please Google it

      • Don't worry if the screen shot is not cropped correctly the person that adds it to the website can help

Upload to Website

    • Please email the photo to the person that updates your academic department website

    • If you need it added to your faculty listed on


Example Zoom Portrait